Idioms: woof your cookies -- work

woof your cookies vomit, puke, barf, hork If you eat bananas, anchovies and cheese, you'll woof your cookies.
woozy feeling a little bit sick in your stomach, wonky I've had the flu and my stomach is still a bit woozy.
word for word quoted exactly, verbatim He repeated her message word for word - exactly as she had said it.
word is good you can believe it, you can count on it Arturo's word is good. You can believe what he says.
word is out I have heard, people are saying, rumor has it Word is out that you're moving to Denver. Is it true?
word of honor solemn promise, take oath He gave me his word of honor that he will pay me on Friday.
word of mouth (See by word of mouth)
word to the wise (See a word to the wise)
wordsmith (See a wordsmith)
work is right, is fine, is appropriate Plaintive - that's the right word! It works!
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