Idioms: keep an eye out -- keep it to yourself

keep an eye out watch for, look for, keep your eyes peeled Keep an eye out for Helen at the school reunion. You may see her.
keep an open mind be fair to all opinions, avoid prejudging I keep an open mind when I talk to you - open to all opinions.
keep fit exercise to be healthy, look after your body You'll feel better if you keep fit - if you exercise regularly.
keep in good shape care for your body, be fit, keep fit You keep your body in good shape. You look fit.
keep in line obey the rules, conform, stay in line The manager expects us to keep in line, not cause problems.
keep in the loop (See in the loop)
keep in touch phone, write a letter Please keep in touch with us when you move to the city.
keep it down be quiet, do not be noisy, pipe down Dad called to us, "Keep it down, eh. We're trying to go to sleep."
keep it quiet do not tell anyone, keep a lid on it I have a new job, but keep it quiet because I haven't told my boss.
keep it to yourself do not tell anyone, keep a secret If I tell you what she said, will you keep it to yourself?
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