Idioms: a way with words -- above and beyond the call of duty

a way with words natural ability to speak, the gift of the gab Ask Viv to write the speech. She has a way with words.
a whale of a game an exciting game, a cliff-hanger When Canada played Sweden, it was a whale of a game.
a wild goose chase a waste of time, a long chase without results Oil exploration is sometimes a wild goose chase. It's uncertain.
a window of opportunity an opportunity, a chance, a golden opportunity Sometimes a problem is actually a window of opportunity.
a wolf in sheep's clothing an evil person who looks innocent The priest looked harmless, but he was a wolf in sheep's clothing.
a word to the wise is sufficient a wise person understands when he hears a key word I can't discuss the plan, but a word to the wise is sufficient: progress.
a wordsmith a person who works with words, a writer or author Ask Jan if it's colour or color. She's a wordsmith.
a yawner a boring event, a book etc. that is not interesting I went to the movie, but it was a yawner so I left.
about time nearly late, high time It's about time you got here. We've been waiting a long time.
above and beyond the call of duty much more than expected, go the extra mile Her extra work was above and beyond the call of duty.
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