Idioms: live it up -- loaded

live it up live wild, go to a lot of parties, have a fling When I move to the city, I'm going to live it up - have fun.
live off earn enough money to pay expenses Can we live off the profit from selling your garden flowers?
live on have to pay rent and buy food etc. What will we live on if you don't have a job?
live on the edge live in danger from drugs or disease or crime When Bill played in the NHL, he was living on the edge.
live up to be as good as people said you would be Live up to your own standards. Set your own rules.
liven up cause more activity or excitement Let's invite Jerry to our party. He'll liven things up.
liveware people who use computers, computer students Our school has more liveware than computers!
living daylights (See the living daylights)
lo and behold suddenly, look, out of the blue, wonder of wonders We were standing there when, lo and behold, a fish fell out of the sky and flopped around on the ground!
loaded having many extra devices or accessories That Buick is loaded, including a sun roof.
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