Idioms: smidge/smidgeon -- snap

smidge/smidgeon (See just a smidgeon)
smithwright it throw it in the garbage, chuck it, eighty-six it, junk it If the drawing isn't perfect, we smithwright it - we throw it out.
smoke and mirrors false impressions, deceit, trickery, bafflegab His speech about new projects is just smoke and mirrors. The company is bankrupt.
smoke like a furnace smoke a lot of cigarettes, chain smoke He died of lung cancer. He used to smoke like a furnace.
smoking gun weapon used, evidence, caught red-handed The company told me to dismiss the employee, so I was holding the smoking gun.
smooth out solve a problem or argument The counselor smoothed out our problem. We're friends again.
smooth sailing easy job, an operation that has no problems After we paid the bank for our loan, it was smooth sailing.
smooth talker one who says nice words, butter wouldn't melt... Janet is such a smooth talker! She should be in politics.
snag problem, difficulty, glitch If you plan a project carefully, there will be fewer snags.
snap (See it's a snap)
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