Idioms: nada -- naked eye

nada nothing, none, zero, zip "How much for the baseball cap?" "Nada - it was free."
nag horse, race horse Pat bet on a nag in the sixth race and it came in second!
nag complain too much, a hassle Poor Erik. His wife nags him about his first marriage.
nail-biter (See a nail-biter)
nail down get a clear answer, find out, pin down I've checked the books, but I can't nail down the reason for the loss. I can't find the error.
nail him hit him, hurt him, stop him They want to nail him because he beat up on Tommy.
nail in your coffin (See another nail in your coffin)
nail it down complete it, finalize it, close a deal Don't spend too long on a sale. Try to nail it down quickly.
naked as a jay bird no clothes on, bare naked, in the nude A boy had taken my clothes, so there I stood, naked as a jay bird!
naked eye (See the naked eye)
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