Idioms: stand to lose -- start from scratch

stand to lose may lose, could lose If my son fails to make a loan payment, I stand to lose $4000.
stand up not meet you as planned, not attend an appointment Jerry said he would take Rita to the movies, but he stood her up.
stand up and be counted say you support and will vote for it, stand up for If you really believe in gay rights, you will stand up and be counted.
stand up for support, protect, speak out for I'm not afraid to stand up for our rights. I'll ask to see a lawyer.
stand up to challenge, not back down Please stand up to the bully. Tell him to stop hitting us.
standoffish not friendly, not sociable Brett appears to be standoffish, but he's really quite friendly.
stark naked wearing nothing at all, naked as a jay bird, without a stitch of clothes on The people on the beach were stark naked. They were members of a nudist colony.
stark raving mad completely crazy, out of your mind Ophelia went stark raving mad after Hamlet rejected her.
start a fire under him motivate him, get him started Somebody started a fire under Kent. He's skating hard tonight.
start from scratch start from the beginning, go back to square one After the flood, we all had to start from scratch - to rebuild our lives.
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