Idioms: to go -- to top it off

to go remaining, left to do We've cleaned five rooms. Just one to go.
to go to take with you One large pizza - to go, please.
to heart (See take it to heart)
to hell and gone a long distance away, far away, all around Robin Hood's barn "Where do you live?" "To hell and gone across the lake."
to hell with that [B] that is not a good idea, no way "You could plead guilty." "To hell with that!"
to perfection perfectly, without a flaw, to a T, to the nth degree "You can imitate Elvis to perfection!" "Thank you. Thank you very much."
to the best of my knowledge I believe this is true, as far as I know To the best of my knowledge, Barrie and Bonnie are twins.
to the max to the greatest amount, groaty to the max You should see this video. It's grungy to the max!
to the nth degree to the very last detail, to the max If you have an accounting problem, give it to Michael. He analyzes problems to the nth degree.
to top it off to complete it, to finish it To top it off, they presented us with Olympic pins.
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