Idioms: run amuck -- run for your money

run amuck not go smoothly, go haywire We ran amuck when Gus joined the band. He can't play the tuba!
run an errand deliver something, go and get something Paul, please run an errand for me. Take this bread to Aunt Matty.
run circles around you run faster than you, win easily Billy can run circles around any boy in school. He's very fast.
run down go to, walk to Lu, please run down to the store and get an onion.
run down check, look over, run through Run down the list before we go to the store. Did I miss anything?
run down criticize, put down Fred doesn't run down his staff. He never says negative things.
run down tired, in poor condition, worn out His car was a run-down Buick. It belonged in the junk yard.
run for office be a candidate in an election I do not plan to run for office this year. I'm leaving politics.
run for the hills run away to a safe place, run and hide A tiger has escaped from the zoo! Run for the hills!
run for your money (See a run for your money)
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