Idioms: wipe out -- with bated breath

wipe out lose control of a car/bike so that it spins or rolls Larry wiped out on the last corner. His car is in the ditch.
wipe that smile off your face stop smiling, do not smile, cut it out Rick, tell Peter you're sorry and give him a big kiss. Gail, wipe that smile off your face.
wipe you defeat you by many points, blow you away Tran has won every spelling contest. She'll wipe you.
wired very excited, pumped Jay didn't sleep last night. She's really wired for her exam today.
wired for sound ready to operate, prepared for use "Is the hall decorated and ready?" "Yep. It's wired for sound."
wise to us know what we are doing, onto us Your husband knows you're seeing me. He's wise to us.
wishful thinking believing it is true because you wish it was true Roy says that he is going to marry Dawn, but it's wishful thinking.
wishy-washy not able to decide, saying yes and no I like you because you're decisive, because you're not wishy-washy.
with all my heart with all my feeling I love Canada with all my heart.
with bated breath with worry and tension, with suspense, leave me hanging With bated breath, they waited for news of the men who were trapped in the mine.
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