Idioms: U-turn -- under my breath

U-turn turn and go the opposite direction, do a 180 The driver of the truck made a U-turn and drove back into town.
uh-huh yes, yep "Do you want a piece of cake?" "Uh-huh."
uh-uh no, nope "Have you done your homework?" "Uh-uh."
under a spell controlled by a spirit or magic, cast a spell She danced when she saw the cat. She seemed to be under a spell.
under arrest stopped and taken away by the police, busted "Jean, you are under arrest." "What for, sir?" "For stealing a loaf of bread."
under control order restored, control returned The prisoners caused a riot, but things are now under control.
under fire being asked many difficult questions After your speech, you will be under fire from reporters.
under his own steam by himself, without help Although Don was injured, he left the field under his own steam.
under my belt completed, finished With an accounting course under my belt, I can do the bookkeeping.
under my breath whispered, not spoken loud enough to hear When the teacher asks questions, I often answer under my breath.
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