Idioms: whup your ass -- willy-nilly

whup your ass defeat you badly, win decisively, wipe you On the chessboard you can defeat Gilles, but on the racetrack he'll whup your ass!
why in the name of... why, why in the world I want to know why in the name of heaven she bought that gun.
why in the world why, why is it? for the life of me Why in the world would anyone want to live in the desert?
wicked exciting, terrific, cool "Wicked!" Dawn said when she saw my haircut. "It looks great."
wide awake fully awake, alert After the bear stuck his head in our tent, I was wide awake.
wild exciting, awesome, rad "Do you like my new shirt?" "Ya, man. It's wild."
wild about like a lot, crazy about, mad about I'm just wild about Harry, but he doesn't care about me.
wild and woolly uncivilized, like an animal When cowboys are on the range, they become wild and woolly.
wild goose chase (See a wild goose chase)
willy-nilly whether you want it or not, without choice I continue to receive junk mail - willy-nilly - like it or not!
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