Idioms: wimp -- winded

wimp weak person, chicken Tiny Tim is not a wimp, but he looks thin and weak.
wimpy weak, lacking courage, like a wimp Sean acts kind of wimpy, but he's a strong, decisive leader.
win big win a big prize, win a lot of money You can win big with Lotto 649. You can win millions!
win by a nose barely win, win by one point or part of a second In the final race, we won by a nose. Our boat was just in front.
win going away win by going ahead near the end of a race or game Scoring four goals in the third period, the Leafs won going away.
win the hearts win the approval, cause people to like you Elvis won the hearts of the crowd when he sang Love Me Tender.
wind up conclude, finish, end up What time will the meeting wind up? When should I pick you up?
wind up see this result, see that ending, end up If you are a strong leader, you could wind up as our president.
windbag a person who talks a lot, a person who brags Kerry is bragging about Ireland again. What a windbag!
winded (See out of breath)
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