Idioms: white knuckles -- whup you

white knuckles a tense feeling, acute worry Driving through fog is scary - it's white knuckles all the way.
white lie a small lie, a fib "You said you were 39, not 40." "Yes. I told a white lie."
whiz urinate, pee, piss,[B] have to go, take a leak [B] A few minutes after the concert began, my daughter whispered, "Mommy, I have to whiz."
who cares does anyone care, does it matter, so what "So my car pollutes the air - who cares?" "I do. I care."
who do you think you are do you think you are famous? do you think you are a superstar? You said Hi Dubbya to President Bush! Who do you think you are!
whole hog every effort, all your energy, gung ho When I play racquetball, I work hard. I go whole hog.
whole shebang (See the whole shebang)
whole shooting match (See the whole shooting match)
whore blossom pimple, cold sore, zit Every time I eat shortbread, I get whore blossoms on my chin.
whup you defeat you in a fight or game Ali said, "I can whup you with one arm tied behind my back!"
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