Idioms: vale of tears (valley of tears) -- vote of thanks

vale of tears (valley of tears) a place of trials and troubles, life on earth, this mortal coil Brothers and sisters, our burden is heavy tonight - heavy with the passing of dear Jesse, who has departed this vale of tears.
vamoose leave quickly, go, get going, hit the road We better vamoose, my friend, or we'll be late for our appointment.
variety is the spice of life a variety of experiences makes life interesting, to each his own On the sign above the door were these words: GENERAL STORE Variety is the spice of life!
vegetate (veg out) not do anything, be a couch potato After work he just vegetates - just sits there and says nothing.
VIP Very Important Person, big boys, big wig Only the VIP's - the president, and members of the board - are invited to the dinner.
virgin territory untouched or unexplored area The island was virgin territory. There were no signs of humans.
virtual reality a "real" experience created on a computer Virtual reality allowed me to experience space travel.
visit a spell visit for awhile, set a spell Well hello, Charlie. Come in and visit a spell.
vote of thanks an expression of thanks from a group, tip of the hat When our president spoke, she gave a vote of thanks to the volunteers.
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