Idioms: wack -- wait on you hand and foot

wack hip-hop slang word meaning bad That book is wack. I can't understand it.
wacko crazy, bonkers, spinny If I eat worms, will people think I'm wacko?
wacky silly, foolish, kooky, nutty as a fruit cake Lucy sometimes does wacky things - like, one time she sent ice cream in the mail.
wait a minute pause for a short time, think about this, hold it Wait a minute. Before we visit Doris, let's phone her.
wait a sec wait for a second, wait up Wait a sec, Mag. I'll be right there.
wait around wait to see what will happen, hang around Let's wait around and see if the bird returns to its nest.
wait for the other shoe to drop wait for the final step, wait for the conclusion, leave me hanging He said he'd make two changes. First, he resigned. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop.
wait on customers serve customers in a restaurant or store Please wait on the customers in the lounge. Take their orders.
wait on tables (See wait on customers)
wait on you hand and foot serve you, bring everything you want, suck up to Anna says she's tired of waiting on you hand and foot. She won't be your slave anymore.
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