Idioms: beyond the pale -- big picture

beyond the pale beyond the limit, over the boundary His comment went beyond the pale of respect. It was vulgar.
biff/biffy washroom, bathroom, the can, the john, the loo "Is there a biffy on the bus?" "Yes. There, at the back."
Big Apple (See The Big Apple)
big boys powerful men in business, moguls, big shots If you want to do business with the big boys, you need money.
big break big chance, a lucky break She got her big break when a talent scout heard her sing.
big bucks a lot of money, a high price You'll pay big bucks to rent an apartment near the university.
big cheese the boss, chief cook and bottle washer, head honcho If you've got a complaint, see the big cheese. He's our manager.
big deal important event, major happening A small fire is a big deal because it can cause a lot of damage.
big hairy deal not an important matter, do not make it an issue, big deal "The teacher's coming!" "So big hairy deal!"
big picture (See the big picture)
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