Idioms: time's a wasting -- tip the scales

time's a wasting we are wasting time, we should be working Time's a wasting. Let's finish our work and then rest.
time's up there is no more time for the test or game etc. The coach checked his watch and said, "Time's up. Stop running."
times were hard it was a time of poverty, hard times It was 1850. Times were hard in Sweden then.
tin ear unmusical ear, unable to appreciate music With my tin ear, I couldn't say if she was singing flat.
tin Lizzie car, old car You can park your tin Lizzie over there beside the barn.
tip a few drink a few beer etc., bend your elbow Chuck used to tip a few when he was younger. He drank with us.
tip of my tongue (See on the tip of my tongue)
tip of the hat a compliment, a bit of praise, recognition, here's to A tip of the hat to Junko for his contribution. Thank you, Junko!
tip of the iceberg a small part of it, about one-tenth of it This invoice is only part of the debt - the tip of the iceberg.
tip the scales change or influence a decision, the upper hand If you speak two languages, it could tip the scales in your favor when you apply for a job.
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