Idioms: serious coin -- set in

serious coin a lot of money, big bucks Membership in the Pines Golf Club will cost you serious coin.
serve notice state your plans, say what you will do, spread the word If you enter the novel contest, you are serving notice that you are a serious writer.
serve the purpose do the job, accomplish the task If you don't have an organ, a piano will serve the purpose.
serve them right give them what they deserve If they cheat on a test, it serves them right if they get an F.
set a spell sit down for awhile, visit a spell Hannah had to set a spell after doing the chores. She rested.
set about begin, start After we found the problem with the car, we set about fixing it.
set fire start a fire, light a fire A child playing with a cigarette lighter set fire to the curtains.
set foot walk, step, come for a visit He hasn't set foot in this house since his mother died.
set for life have enough money to last a lifetime He inherited a lot of money. He's set for life.
set in begin, start He had a cold. Then pneumonia set in, and it nearly killed him.
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