Idioms: corny -- couldn't believe my ears

corny obvious humor, unsophisticated humor The farmer said his cows are moody today. Now that is corny!
cost a pretty penny cost a lot of money, had a high price Elvis bought a new pink Cadillac. I bet that cost a pretty penny.
cost an arm and a leg cost a lot of money, is very expensive That fur jacket must have cost her an arm and a leg.
cost you require much money or emotional stress or time or energy Caring for a child will cost you - cost you a lot. But it's worth every minute, every tear.
cotton-picking thieving, doggone, flipping, ruddy Get your cotton-pickin' fingers off that bike! Don't touch it!
cotton to that believe in that, do that, relate to that City folks play cards on Sunday, but we don't cotton to that.
couch potato a person who watches a lot of TV If I watch four hours of TV every day, am I a couch potato?
cough up pay your share, pay a debt, pay up Come on, Tony. Cough up. You haven't paid anything.
could care less (See couldn't care less)
couldn't believe my ears (See can't believe my ears)
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