Idioms: beck and call -- before you can say Jack Robinson

beck and call (See at your beck and call)
become of happen to, end up What became of Ko after he moved? How's he doing?
becomes you looks good on you, is right for you, suits you That perfume becomes you. It smells good on you.
bed down lie down and sleep, find a place to sleep After grazing in the valley, the deer will bed down on the hill.
beef it up add more bulk, increase the size "Does this doll look like Santa?" "Yes, if you beef it up a little."
beehive of activity (See a beehive of activity)
beeline (See make a beeline)
been around experienced, not naive, wasn't born yesterday Margo's been around; she can work with the convicts.
been had cheated, swindled, taken in If he paid a hundred dollars for that radio, he's been had.
before you can say Jack Robinson very quickly, in a split second, in no time Before you could say Jack Robinson, the ghost was gone!
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