Idioms: in a jiffy -- in a split second

in a jiffy in a minute, very soon, in a sec When Dad says he'll be there in a jiffy, he means 20 minutes.
in a long time for months or years, for a dog's age I haven't seen you in a long time. Where have you been hiding?
in a pickle in a difficult situation, in a jam When the motor on our boat quit, I knew we were in a pickle.
in a pig's ass [B] not true, unbelievable, bull, full of it You wrote War and Peace? In a pig's ass!
in a pinch in a difficult situation, in a jam I was in a pinch because I had no money to pay for the meal.
in a rut always doing it the same way, never changing the method or style After ten years in the same job with the same manager in the same building, he was in a rut.
in a sec in a second, very soon, in a jiffy Wait. I'll be there in a sec.
in a slump not performing well for several days Wayne's in a slump. He hasn't scored a point in four games.
in a snit upset, worried, in a stew Ms. Mak is in a snit because she lost her cat.
in a split second in less than a second, in a flash In a split second, the cat twisted and landed on its feet.
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