Idioms: eighty-six it -- even a blind pig can find an acorn

eighty-six it take it off the list, it is one too many, smithwright it Our menu has too many entrees. Let's eighty-six the beef stroganoff.
eke out a living earn or grow enough to survive On the small farm we were able to eke out a living.
elbow room room to move among people, space in a crowd On the streets of Hong Kong there wasn't much elbow room.
electronic superhighway a computer network, Internet We can find more information on the electronic superhighway.
end justifies the means (See the end justifies the means)
end of the line (See the end of the line)
end up where you stop or finish, the end of a journey We often end up sleeping at Ty's house. His mom doesn't mind.
enough is enough it is time to stop, enough already "Enough is enough!" she said after my sixth piece of pie.
even we do not owe each other, a wash, call it square I owe you $20, but I gave you a haircut, so we're even.
even a blind pig can find an acorn if you keep looking and trying you may succeed "Hey, Bill. Think you'll ever get that car started?" "Maybe. Even a blind pig can find an acorn."
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