Idioms: in no time -- in point of fact

in no time very soon, in a sec We'll be there in no time. We have less than a kilometer to go.
in no uncertain terms definitely, clearly, call a spade a spade They told us about sex and drugs in no uncertain terms.
in one ear and out the other not listening, hearing but not paying attention The kids don't listen to me; it's in one ear and out the other!
in one fell swoop in one action, in one attack, at once Our TV ad is effective. In one fell swoop we create doubts about the other products and sell our own.
in order to make it possible, to help it happen In order to win, we have to work as a team.
in over your head unable to win, competing against better players If you play chess against Boris, you'll be in over your head.
in person being there yourself, first hand Dad saw the wall come down. He was there in person.
in place in the correct position or location, available Be sure to have the money in place before you buy a house.
in plain view easy to see, where all can see, in broad daylight In Daqing, some of the men urinated in plain view - very close to the street.
in point of fact (See in fact)
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