Idioms: under my care -- under the wire

under my care cared for by me, look after The house is under my care until the owner returns from Europe.
under my nose easy to see, close and visible, in plain view Isn't that the way! I've been looking for a partner all my life, and then I found Lila - she was right under my nose all the time!
under my skin in my thoughts, in my feelings I can't stop thinking about Paul. I've got him under my skin.
under my wing having my protection and help and guidance I am Anna's guardian. She'll be under my wing until she's 18.
under oath after promising to tell the truth in court, cross my heart and... At the trial you will be asked to tell your story under oath.
under pressure feeling of too much to do, feeling a lot of stress Gabor is under a lot of pressure now. He's working at two jobs.
under the influence of alcohol partly drunk, buzzed Is he under the influence now? Is he drunk?
under the table hidden, not recorded, not above board, on the side "Do you get paid for bringing customers to the store?" "I don't get a check - just a little money under the table."
under the weather not feeling well, ill, sick, not feeling myself Dan's been under the weather lately - sick with the flu.
under the wire just before the end, before closing, just in time "Did you receive my application?" "It arrived on the last day of the competition, just under the wire."
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