Idioms: under way -- up against it

under way started, commenced The concert is under way. The band is playing O Canada.
under wraps secret, not advertised, on the QT I know the name of the winner, but I have to keep it under wraps until tonight.
under your thumb under your control, doing your wishes Willie is under your thumb now. He does what you tell him to do.
underdog the player or team that is not likely to win The Sharks are underdogs this year. People say they won't win.
underhanded not legal, not according to rules, not above board Some people say the government was underhanded in dealing with the Indians.
unsung hero great person who has not been honored or praised, behind the scenes The mothers of the graduates are the unsung heroes. The mothers are Homework Supervisors!
until you're blue... (See till you're blue in the face)
up a storm (See sing up a storm)
up against competing against, trying to defeat "Who were you up against?" "Gaetan Boucher, the Champion."
up against it poor, not able to pay the bills, hard up We were up against it that year. The crop had failed, we had lots of bills, and none of us had a job.
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