Idioms: buy up -- by and large

buy up buy all of a product or all the shares in a company At closing time, Abe comes in and buys up the last shares.
buyer's market a time when prices are low, soft market The price of gold is low. It's a buyer's market in precious metals.
buzz-kill a person who stops the fun, party-pooper You buzz-kill! Don't talk about air disasters when I'm flying to Rome.
buzz off go away, beat it, get lost Next time he asks to borrow something, tell him to buzz off.
buzzed slightly intoxicated, tipsy Jane got buzzed on fermented coconut juice. She was happy!
buzzword new word or expression, the latest jargon, catch phrase Internet, zero tolerance - these were buzzwords of the 1990s.
by a country mile by a long distance, by a wide margin Black Beauty won the race by a country mile. She was far ahead.
by a long shot (See not by a long shot)
by all means yes, please do it By all means, come to the Learning Skills Centre.
by and large mostly, mainly, most of the time By and large, chocolate is the favorite flavor.
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