Idioms: just a titch -- just passing through

just a titch just a tiny amount, just a smidgeon "Is that piano too heavy?" "Just a titch."
just about nearly, almost We just about fell into the lake. Our canoe nearly tipped over.
just as soon would prefer to, wish I'd just as soon forget the fight with Dwen, eh.
just ducky just fine, wonderful, peachy "Bill, my mother is coming to live with us." "That's ducky, just ducky!"
just in time not quite late, in the nick of time Superman arrived just in time to save the girl from burning.
just-in-time when the manufacturer is ready, not before T-Max has requested just-in-time delivery of the engine parts.
just like that without a pause or explanation, before you can say Jack Robinson First you say yes, then you say no - just like that!
just passing through (See pass through)
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