Idioms: long arm of the law -- look down on

long arm of the law (See the long arm of the law)
long for wish for, want very much Kelly longs for her home in the mountains. She's homesick.
long gone departed earlier, not here now Albert was long gone by the time the RCMP arrived.
long in the tooth old, aged, over the hill Jack is a good pitcher, but he's long in the tooth - too old.
long johns winter underwear - with long sleeves and legs If you are going cross-country skiing, put on your long johns.
long time no see I have not seen you for a long time When I got off the bus, Grandpa said, "Long time no see."
loo (See the loo)
look after care for, take care of He really looks after his car. It's in very good condition.
look daggers look angry, look with hateful eyes Ginny looked daggers at me when I kissed her boyfriend.
look down on look as if you are better, look superior Do some Americans look down on people from Canada?
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