Idioms: on the run -- on the take

on the run running from the police, running from a problem He's been on the run ever since he robbed a bank in Tulsa.
on the same wavelength understanding each other, communicating clearly I understand Ted's beliefs. We're on the same wavelength.
on the shit list [B] on the list to be punished, in your bad books Greg's on the shit list because he missed the sales meeting.
on the side extra, in addition, under the table By typing reports and resumes, I earned a few dollars on the side.
on the sly secretly, illegally Phil was selling cigarettes to his friends on the sly.
on the spot immediately, at that time and place, then and there He admitted the accident was his fault and wrote me a check for the damage on the spot.
on the spur of the moment immediately, impulsively On the spur of the moment we decided to drive to Banff.
on the stand on the witness stand, testifying in court Jack was on the stand today. He told the court what he saw.
on the table offered, proposed Our offer is on the table: a 7% increase in salary for the clerks.
on the take stealing, robbing A week after he got out of jail, he was on the take again.
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