Idioms: not a question of -- not likely

not a question of (See it's not a question of)
not all it's cracked up... (See all it's cracked up to be)
not all there retarded, slow to learn, one brick short... Sometimes Vincent acts kind of strange - like he's not all there.
not at all it was no trouble at all, don't mention it, no prob "Thank you for helping us find our dog," Dad said. "Not at all," the man replied.
not by a long shot very little chance, not likely That horse won't win, not by a long shot. It's old and slow.
not by any stretch of the imagination not adding to the story, not stretching it Gigi wasn't his only girl, not by any stretch of the imagination.
not feeling myself not feeling well, under the weather I'm not feeling myself these days. I'm tired all the time.
not for all the tea in China no; never; not if you gave me all the tea in China "Would you like to live in space?" "No. Not for all the tea in China!"
not half bad quite good, better than expected Have you seen Honey, I Ate The Kids? It's not half bad, actually.
not likely very little chance, improbable, a slim chance "Do you think we'll win the prize?" the boy asked. "Not likely," his dad replied.
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