Idioms: above board -- act out

above board legal, not hidden, not under the table, not underhanded Every action, every payment is above board. Customers respect that kind of honesty.
above the law not required to obey laws, privileged Just because he's rich, he thinks he's above the law.
absence makes the heart grow fonder when friends are apart they like each other more When she's away I'm very lonely. Absence does make the heart grow fonder.
according to Hoyle according to the rules, if we follow the rules According to Hoyle, it's your turn to deal the cards.
account for explain how or why, provide reasons, call into account How do you account for the missing money? Where did it go?
ace in the hole a hidden strength or talent Sam's ace in the hole is honesty, which his clients soon discover.
Achilles heel a weakness, a vulnerable place Jewelry is my Achilles heel. I buy too much jewelry.
acid test (See the acid test)
across the board affecting all people, applies to everything We want a salary increase across the board - for all positions.
act out explain by movement and gestures Watch - I'll act out the meaning of pacifist.
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