Idioms: stone's throw -- straight cash

stone's throw (See a stone's throw)
stoned drugged, natural high on drugs, spaced out, wasted If he's stoned, he shouldn't drive. Let's hide his keys.
stonewall block, prevent, not allow The president stonewalled every one of our plans. He said no.
stop at nothing do anything to succeed, not stop until you win The Indians will stop at nothing. They will get a reservation.
stop on a dime stop very quickly, stop exactly where you wish With disk brakes, this car can stop on a dime. See?
stop you cold stop you quickly, grind to a halt One look from the old witch will stop you cold. What a fierce gaze!
stop you in your tracks cause you to stop, prevent you from going further You know what will stop you dead in your tracks? A bear, that's what.
straight (See go straight, square up)
straight away (See right away)
straight cash all cash, using only cash When I go shopping I pay straight cash. I don't use my credit cards.
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