Idioms: straight dope -- straighten you out

straight dope (See the straight dope)
straight face (See keep a straight face)
straight from the horse's mouth directly from the person who said it or did it I want to hear the story from Tomas, straight from the horse's mouth.
straight from the shoulder directly, plainly, call a spade..., doesn't mince words Richler spoke straight from the shoulder when addressing his own people - the way Jesus did with the money-changers.
straight goods (See the straight goods)
straight man the man who is not joking, the man who is honest or natural When I began in comedy, my straight man was Jason. He would ask honest questions and I would give funny answers.
straight talk the truth, the facts, thethe straight goods My son and I believe in straight talk. We communicate.
straight up without stopping, not reduced, full strength I do ten minutes of exercise; then I run 5 km straight up.
straight up truthfully, the way it is Give it to me straight up - exactly what she said.
straighten you out tell you the facts or the truth, set you straight Talk to the teacher. She'll straighten you out.
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