Idioms: spaced out -- speed up

spaced out feeling strange or unreal, stoned After falling, Jeff was spaced out. He looked dazed and limp.
spade work first stage of the work, preparation for later work, pave the way Paul did the spade work for our food bank. He asked each of the merchants for a donation.
spare me please do not tell me, do not bore me with Spare me the gross details of your love affairs. I'm not interested.
speak highly of praise, say that a person is great or excellent Angela's former teachers speak very highly of her.
speak of the devil the person we are speaking about has just arrived As I walked into the room, Piotr said to Dorota, "Speaking of the devil, here he is now! Ha ha."
speak out say what you think, speak your mind Did you speak out at the meeting? Did you tell them what is wrong?
speak up speak louder, crank it up Please speak up so everyone can hear you.
speak volumes tells a lot, reveals much Your smile speaks volumes about your career. You like it.
speak your mind say what you think or feel, speak out We want you to speak your mind on this issue. State your opinion.
speed up go faster, accelerate, step on it Don't speed up when you come to an intersection. Slow down!
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