Idioms: a steal -- a sweet tooth

a steal a bargain; purchased for a very low price How much did I pay for my new coat? Very little. It was a steal.
a stiff upper lip (See keep a stiff upper lip)
a stitch in time saves nine a small repair may prevent a large repair I believe in maintenance. A stitch in time saves nine.
a stitch of clothes (See didn't have a stitch of clothes on)
a stone's throw a short distance, 25 metres A deer came into the yard, just a stone's throw from our door.
a sucker for punishment one who allows himself to be hurt or blamed If I accept blame for a team loss, I'm a sucker for punishment.
a suicide pass (hockey) a pass behind the player causing him to look back Older players always stop when receiving a suicide pass.
a sure bet certain to win, a good choice to bet on The Lions are a sure bet in the final game. They'll win easily.
a sure thing a predictable result, sure to happen For them, success is a sure thing. They plan for success.
a sweet tooth a need to eat candy, a craving for sugar After dinner we'll serve mints. Daddy has a sweet tooth, eh.
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