Idioms: stiff -- stone unturned

stiff not pay for, leave without paying The cab driver told a policeman that a lady had stiffed him.
stiff person, man You lucky stiff! You won a TV!
stiff upper lip (See keep a stiff upper lip)
still wet behind the ears still quite young, the tender age of When we moved to Boston, you were still wet behind the ears.
stink the joint out play very poorly, perform badly In Chicago, we stunk the joint out, losing 7-1 to the Hawks.
stitch in time (See a stitch in time)
stitch of clothes on (See without a stitch of clothes on)
stock in trade main product, bread and butter Our stock in trade is tires. We sell more tires than oil or gas.
stone dead very dead, no sign of life, dead as a doornail When we finally found the goose, it was stone dead.
stone unturned (See leave no stone unturned)
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