Idioms: ride his coattails -- right on

ride his coattails depend on his success, use his success My dad was a great doctor, but I don't want to ride his coattails.
ride me continue to remind me of a duty or habit You can stop riding me about doing my homework. It's done.
ride the clutch drive a car with your foot on the clutch pedal If you ride the clutch, we will soon have to replace it.
ride the wave use luck or success to achieve more success Enjoy your success. Ride the wave to a better life.
riding high feeling great, on cloud nine Jane is riding high after getting an A in math.
right as rain as welcome as rain, naturally good We always enjoyed Uncle Mel's visits. They were right as rain.
right away now, immediately, on the double, pronto If you leave right away, you can get to school on time.
right before my eyes in front of me, in plain view There, right before my eyes, was the Eiffel Tower! I had finally arrived in Paris.
right off the bat at the start, the very first thing Right off the bat she says, "Are you married?"
right on that's good, great, okay When I told him he passed the test he said, "Right on, man!"
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