Idioms: split up -- spread the word

split up separate, part company Charles and Di split up in the 90s. They've been separated for years.
spoil for a fight try to begin a fight, chip on his shoulder, cruising for a bruising Bud was spoiling for a fight with me. He said, "You're too chicken to fight, ain't you?"
spoiled brat a child who always gets what he wants Sure he's a spoiled brat. His mom gave him whatever he wanted.
spoilsport one who will not play, party-pooper You spoilsport! Why won't you play strip poker with us?
spot of tea (See a spot of tea)
spot on correct, bang on, dead on, right on Your answer is spot on! There are 1000 meters in a kilometer.
spotcheck check anytime, inspect whenever you wish The prison guard did spotchecks on the men during the night.
spread like wildfire spread quickly, go public News of the assassination spread like wildfire.
spread out lie down with your arms and legs apart When you spread out on the sofa, there's no room for me.
spread the word tell everybody, get the word out The teacher asked us to spread the word about the school concert.
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