Idioms: dead even -- dead ringer

dead even having the same score, tied, a dead heat After six events in the decathlon, the two men were dead even.
dead-eye Dick a person who can shoot accurately We call him Dead-eye Dick. He can shoot the dot off an i.
dead giveaway (See a dead giveaway)
dead heat (See a dead heat)
dead in the water not competitive, not qualified to compete, haven't got a hope When you're job hunting, if you don't have a resume you're dead in the water.
dead last the last runner or competitor It doesn't matter if you come in dead last. Just finish the race.
dead loss (See a dead loss)
dead meat finished, terminated, done for If you're caught driving drunk in Sweden, you're dead meat.
dead on accurate, correct, spot on When you said our sales would double, you were dead on.
dead ringer (See a dead ringer)
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