Idioms: bang on -- bare-faced lie

bang on exactly right, very true, correct, spot on Your answer to Question 3 was bang on. It was correct.
bank on depend on, count on We were banking on more sales to pay for our marketing costs.
bankroll provide the money to begin, front me If you'll bankroll me, I'll open a bistro on Mars.
baptism by fire harsh introduction, rigorous initiation, hit the ground running On my first day of football camp I had to tackle a 200-pound fullback charging straight at me. It was baptism by fire!
bar fly (See a bar fly)
bar hop drink at many bars in one evening, pub crawl Our wives were out late last night. They were bar hopping.
bar none including all products or people, no exceptions Apex is the best detergent, bar none.
bar star (See a bar star)
bare bones only the necessary things, no extras, bare bones ACTION CLEAN is a bare-bones operation - a family business.
bare-faced lie (See a bare-faced lie)
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