Idioms: get the green light -- get the wrinkles out

get the green light get approval, it's a go Don't start construction until we get the green light from the City.
get the hang of learn to do, know the first steps I'm getting the hang of algebra. I can solve the easy problems.
get the jitters become nervous, begin to shake When I get up to speak, I get the jitters and I can't think clearly.
get the jump on start faster than the others, quick on the draw Ben got the jump on the other runners. He led by one stride.
get the lay of the land check the conditions, size up the situation Before I sell insurance in a town, I like to get the lay of the land.
get the lead out move faster, hurry, move it, shake a leg The coach told me to get the lead out - to get moving.
get the picture understand, see the way it is After Jack explained his plan, he said, "Get the picture?"
get the point understand the idea or the message Did you get the point of his talk? What was the main idea?
get the word out tell the message, spread the word The easiest way for us to get the word out is on the Internet.
get the wrinkles out improve, revise When they get the wrinkles out of the electric car, I'll buy one.
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