Idioms: a slippery slope -- a state secret

a slippery slope a path that leads to problems, a risky plan Nationalism is a slippery slope. It often leads to racism.
a slow day not productive, not many customers Tuesday is a slow day in the car market - very few sales.
a slug a group, a bunch A slug of bats hung from a rock jutting out of the cave's ceiling.
a snap (See it's a snap)
a snootful a lot to smell or drink, get wind of When the coyotes get a snootful of our campfire, they'll run.
a snow job a false story, a phony deal, a rip-off I knew it was a snow job. They said if I ordered some pens, I'd receive a new TV.
a snowball's chance in hell little or no chance to succeed If I write the test now, I won't have a snowball's chance in hell.
a soft touch a person who will not refuse, an easy mark Barry's a soft touch. Let's ask him for a loan.
a spot of tea a small cup of tea, a drink of tea When I visit Mrs. Smith, we always have a spot of tea.
a state secret (See it's not a state secret)
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