Idioms: part company -- pass on

part company separate, go in different directions, split up Mel and Brad parted company after they arrived in Germany.
part with sell, allow someone else to own, let go of Papa won't part with his Peugeot. He'd never sell it.
partners in crime people who plan and commit crimes together, boozing buddies As kids, Andy and I took apples from a neighbor's tree. We were partners in crime, so to speak.
party-pooper one who leaves a party, stick-in-the-mud You party-pooper! Stay here and dance with us.
party to that (See a party to that)
pass around pass from person to person in the room, hand out The speaker passed around a sheet of paper for us to sign.
pass away die, pass on Grandma passed away in 1974. She was 92.
pass for appear similar to, look like In that uniform, you could pass for a police officer.
pass off offer as real or genuine, use a fake object or paper If you pass off counterfeit money, you can be charged with a crime.
pass on die, bite the dust, kick the bucket Before her dad passed on, she visited him every day.
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