Idioms: spring for -- square shooter

spring for pay for, pay the shot "Who will spring for the pizza?" "Jack will. He just got paid."
spruced up (See all spruced up)
spur on encourage, motivate Her refusal of his gifts seemed to spur him on. It challenged him.
square not sophisticated, not cool, rube What a square! He thinks Rolex is some kind of cereal!
square (See call it square)
square deal fair to the purchaser, value for money spent You get a square deal when you buy a tractor at Al's Machinery.
square meal full meal: meat, bread, vegetables and milk We need at least one square meal each day. Do you agree?
square off face each other ready to fight, have a fight If Joe and Bud square off, it will be an interesting fight.
square one the beginning, back to square one If you answer incorrectly, you have to start at square one.
square shooter fair dealer, honest person Sidney is a square shooter. He won't cheat you.
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