Idioms: butter up -- buy time

butter up be nice to, suck up to Butter him up before you ask to borrow his car.
butter wouldn't melt in his mouth he is very calm and clear, he has an air of innocence, cool, smooth talker When he's talking to voters, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth.
button your lip do not tell anyone, on the QT Button your lip about the speeding ticket. Don't tell Dad.
buttonhole you stop you and talk to you, corner you and bore you At the meeting, Al buttonholed me and asked me to vote Reform.
buy a round buy a drink for everyone at the table, this one is on me When Gina was born, I bought a round for the team. Every player had a drink to honor our baby.
buy into believe and support, agree to support, come onside He will buy into our plan if the money goes to needy children.
buy out buy a business and all the inventory We knew his business was in debt, so we offered to buy him out.
buy that believe that, eat that He says he went to see his friends at the park. I can buy that.
buy the farm die, kick the bucket, pass away "Where's Henry?" "Oh, he bought the farm years ago - died of cancer, eh."
buy time request time to plan, ask for extra time If we can just buy a little time, maybe the price will go down.
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