Idioms: small talk -- smells

small talk talk about unimportant topics - the weather etc. Winnie is good at making small talk with strangers.
smartass [B] a person who tries to be witty, cocky, lippy "What do you want to drink?" "Do you have breast milk?" "Don't be a smartass!"
smarten up be smarter, do not be stupid People who drink and drive should smarten up.
smarts intelligence, mental ability Jen gets good grades. She has the smarts to win a scholarship.
smashed drunk, hammered, wasted She gets smashed on gin and dances around the living room.
smashing very beautiful, very attractive Nicole looks absolutely smashing in that red dress.
smell blood sense victory, be aware of an opponent's weakness Michael is a fierce competitor. When he smells blood, he wins.
smell where you're stepping (See I smell where you're stepping)
smelling yourself acting grown-up, having signs of physical maturity, cocky I know you're smelling yourself, but this is a conversation for adults.
smells (See something smells)
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