Idioms: backside -- bafflegab

backside buttocks, bum, buns When I was learning to skate, I fell a lot. My backside was sore!
backup saving information on a computer disk Don't forget to make a backup disk of all your computer files.
bad apple bad one, rotten one He's the bad apple in that group. He's always in trouble.
bad blood bad feelings, a negative relationship John and Fred are bitter enemies. There's bad blood between them.
bad breath unpleasant smell from the mouth, jungle mouth I've been eating garlic, so I may have bad breath.
bad date a man who beats a prostitute, the john Viki had another bad date. A guy beat her and took her clothes.
bad news troublemaker, someone who causes problems Don't hire him. Everybody says he's bad news.
bad taste in my mouth (See a bad taste in my mouth)
badmouth criticize, say bad things about, put down Don't badmouth employers. Don't criticize your references.
bafflegab confusing statements, jargon, political language There was a lot of bafflegab in the speech, a lot of nonsense.
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