Idioms: snap a picture -- snow them

snap a picture (See take a picture)
snap at speak in a harsh tone, answer sharply If I talk to you while you're watching TV, you snap at me.
snapped drunk, loaded, looped Whenever he gets snapped, he wants to fight.
snatch victory from the jaws of defeat win when it appears that you will lose, mount a comeback The opinion polls showed we were losing, but we snatched victory from the jaws of defeat.
snazzy stylish, neat, way cool That's a snazzy suit, George. It looks great on you.
snitch tattle, squeal, tell on That little devil! He snitched! He told Dad!
snootful (See a snootful)
snotty-nosed kid a child, a boy with a dirty face I was just a snotty-nosed kid when I got my first job.
snow job (See a snow job)
snow them fool them, tell them a false story You can't snow them. They know if you're telling a lie.
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