Idioms: cave in -- chances are

cave in quit, be unable to cope, fold One more crisis and I'll cave in. I'm very weary.
cement hands awkward hands, butter fingers Joey can't type; he's got cement hands.
chain letter a letter that is copied and sent to other people This letter says I will have bad luck if I break the chain.
chain of command order of those in power, line of authority If you are a lieutenant, the chain of command goes up and down.
chain reaction one event causing a sequence of events Abe sold his shares, causing a chain reaction in the market.
chain smoker a person who smokes one cigarette after another, smokes like a furnace "Do all chain smokers die of emphysema?" "No, but most of them do."
chairman of the boards (hockey) a player who controls play along the boards In the 1970s Doug was chairman of the boards for the Hawks.
chalk it up to conclude that it is..., attribute it to... You tried and you failed. Chalk it up to experience. Learn from it.
chalk one up for you you have earned a point, you won that point/game Good shot! I'll chalk one up for you.
chances are it is quite possible, it may be Chances are they're lost, and that's why they're late.
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